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Discover the RS Works Platform

Resumes that Land Jobs, Created in 15 Minutes

Resume Writing is Hard.

It can take hours to find the right template, plug in the basic details, make someone’s experience sound impressive, and then edit everything down to one page.

That’s why we created the RS Works Platform.

We saw the challenges that job-seekers and career coaches faced when writing resumes. And we saw too many people trapped in a cycle of low-paying, unfulfilling roles - often because their resumes weren’t selling their capabilities.

So we set out to create a comprehensive solution for career services professionals to develop resumes that stand out, quickly and easily. RS Works helps workforce teams to create beautiful, effective resumes in minutes. Our intuitive platform guides staff through the resume-building process, and our library of templates gives you access to professional designs that are easy to edit. Plus, all of our resumes are optimized for ATS, so you can be sure participant resumes will make it through the screening process.

Created by a Social Worker & Career Expert

Our founder spent 15 years writing resumes for 10,000 professionals, with many landing over 40% raises at highly competitive companies like Google, Microsoft, NYU, HBO, and the UN. As a social worker, she wanted to make her methods accessible to the job-seekers who most needed them. So we took our insights, templates, bullets, and best practices, hired a development team in 2020, and got to work making the most intuitive, easy-to-use resume platform on the market.


Andrea Gerson

Increase staff capacity. Expand participant earning potential.


and higher starting salaries for program participants.


increase in lifetime earnings per participating job-seeker.*


reduction in staff time spent writing resumes.

*Based on starting salary of $27,000 for 24-year-old compared with $42,000 salary offered to RS Works users, assuming 2% annual raises.

Elevate Entry-Level Experience

This platform was created for the most underestimated job seekers: the barista making $32,000/year. The job coach who helps immigrants land their first job in the US. The underpaid daycare worker who wants to be able to support their own family, not just someone else’s.  It was created for the career counselors who support these people as well.

RS Works was developed by a social worker and professional resume writer who herself worked as a busser, a housecleaner, and a barista. There is indisputable value in every job that we’ve held, and the RS Works platform helps job-seekers articulate it.


Before & After Resume Examples

🚫 We Don't Do Generic Resumes.

The RS Works platform takes job seekers through an entirely personalized process based on the jobs they’ve held AND the jobs they’re targeting.

It produces custom questions to bring out rich details about the context, scope, and outcome of the work that they’ve been involved in.

And it instantly produces a clean, modern resume that presents each job seeker professionally to employers.

Quickly Expand Content:

Personalized questions lead to custom resume content - even for clients with limited experience


10,000+ Bullets:

Searchable bank of 10,000+ customizable resume bullets.


50+ Industries:

Personalized content for over 50 industries and 1,000+ job titles.

Easy to Edit:

Resumes are compatible with Word and Google Docs.


Dedicated Dashboards:

Intuitive, secure dashboards to track client documents

Targeted Cover Letters:

Quickly create custom cover letters for clients to showcase their transferable skills

A word from one of our users...

John Rojas @ Outside In

John was one of the first employment counselors to use the RS Works platform. In this short video, he shares how the tool helped him create compelling resumes and cover letters for his participants, homeless and underserved youth.

Explore the RS Works Features

Informed by nearly 15 years of professional resume writing experience, our platform enables career counselors and job-seekers to create impressive, ATS-friendly resumes in minutes rather than hours.

The RS Works platform teaches job-seekers and counselors how to create modern, professional resumes and cover letters. It asks targeted questions to expand on each person's unique accomplishments. And it provides integrated guidance and access to action-driven resume content.
The resumes that get produced are ATS-friendly and easy to edit. It's the perfect solution for career services programs that incorporate career pathways curriculum.

Help your participants minimize barriers to land a great new job!

Personalized Prompts: Easily Elevate Experience


Our streamlined intake process takes the guess work out of resume writing and creates personalized, targeted bullets.

Interactive Bullet Bank: Unlimited Customization


Subscribers have full access to a searchable bank of 10,000+ customizable bullets spanning 100+ industries.

Supports Skills-Focused Hiring


With over 15 years of specialized, resume-writing experience, we’ve developed tailored content for clients working across hundreds of industries. Our skills section contains industry-specific keywords to ensure the materials are  in alignment with hiring trends. 

Modern Templates that are easy to edit


Our resumes are created in easy-to-use Word and Google Doc formats and are entirely text-based, so that you don’t have to navigate complicated tables or images to make simple changes. 

Interactive Dashboards for staff and job-seekers


The user-friendly RS Works dashboard is intuitive and secure, making it easy to track and update client documents. 


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