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Resume & LinkedIn Services

How long will it take?

Our typical turnaround for a standard resume is between 15-21 business days, depending on:

  • Whether or not you have an existing resume. If you have an old resume to share, sending it in your initial inquiry will help to speed up the process.
  • Your response time. Our estimated timeline is based on a quick response time. While you are welcome to respond at your own pace, please note that your documents will take extra time to complete.  
  • The amount of revisions you require.  Additional rounds of revisions will result in a longer turnaround time. The clearer you are with your information, the faster we will complete your documents.
What if I need faster service?

We can usually accommodate a faster turnaround time. Email us to find out!

How do cover letters work?

​We’ve found that our clients have the most success when their cover letters are tailored as closely as possible for a particular role, to make sure that we’re highlighting the most impressive and applicable skills and accomplishments. Prior to creating the cover letter, we’ll ask you to send one over or two job postings to help us tailor the letter appropriately. Each cover letter includes up to two rounds of changes. Once it’s been approved, we’ll create a template that you can use to easily tailor it towards similar roles.

What are your rates?

​We have three pricing tiers based on your field and level of experience. Within each of these tiers, we offer several career packages based on the services that you'd like. Visit our pricing page for a detailed description of our offerings.

How do I pay, and when?

We do request payments for packages prior to beginning work. All payments can be submitted directly through our website by selecting your desired package from the appropriate pricing tier. If you’re not sure which package is right for you, get an instant quote here.

What industries have you worked with?

​We have worked with clients across most sectors and industries including non-profit organizations, healthcare services organizations, media comapnies, academic professionals and technology startups.

How should I contact you?

For initial inquiries, you are welcome to reach us at 1-800-590-1304 or through our contact page. You can also email us directly at

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

​The vast majority of our clients generate a substantial increase in the amount of attention generated by their new resumes and cover letters. If, after 30 days of consistent applications, your new materials have not received positive attention from potential employers, please contact us at so that we can identify whatever the issue may be.

RS Works Platform

How does the RS Works portal work?

Career counselors and job seekers can instantly create 100% custom and targeted resumes and cover letters. Using our proprietary platform and content, develop personalized materials geared towards hundreds of different job titles and industry sectors.

What makes RS Works resumes different?

The RS Works platform was created by our Founder, Andrea Gerson, who’s been a professional resume writer for 15+ years. She’s developed effective resumes and cover letters for thousands of professionals who have gotten hired in competitive roles. 

How does your portal choose what skills to put on a resume?

We use AI-enabled technology – and our own library of proven content – to infuse each resume with industry-specific keywords and quantitative details. This information helps job-seekers to successfully get past applicant tracking systems and attract employers.

Do cover letters matter?

Yes! In a competitive job market, candidates need to go the extra mile to make sure that their applications stand out. Did you know that most job postings receive hundreds of applicants? Unless an application is getting submitted through a personal connection, it's best to include a personalized cover letter with each application.

How do RS Works cover letters work?

Many RS Works subscriptions include access to a robust library of hundreds of industry-specific cover letters, with examples of how to quickly personalize them.

How fast can I create a resume using the RS Works platform?

Each person who creates a resume using RS Works will be asked targeted questions based on past experience and career goals. The process can take as little as 15 minutes! The result is a fully personalized, polished professional resume.

How do you create a resume for someone with no work experience?

For job-seekers very little or no work experience, it’s important to emphasize educational programs, certifications, personal projects and volunteer work. For users who have had less than two jobs, the RS Works platform will automatically place volunteer work under the Professional Experience section.

How do you create a resume for someone with employment gaps?

There are several key strategies that we’ve found work well for clients with gaps in their work histories. Depending on how recent – and how long – the gap was, one strategy that we recommend trying to fit the gap between the first and second page of the resume, to minimize the focus on it.

Will we be able to edit the resumes that are populated?

Absolutely! The resume documents that get created are all super simple to edit. RS Works resumes don't use text boxes or complex formats, so it's very easy to make changes and updates to them.

What types of jobs do people get after using RS Works?

To date, users of our tools have reported salary increases up to 30% when using the RS Works materials. They’ve been hired across almost all industry sectors.

Do your resumes get past Applicant Tracking Systems?

Absolutely! The RS Works tools have been developed based on our proven resume writing methodology, which has helped thousands of individuals get hired by competitive companies. We infuse each and every resume with industry-specific keywords, which will help your clients to get noticed by hiring managers.

Are your resumes all one page?

We usually recommend a one-page resume for those who have less than 10 years of experience, or less than four jobs. For those with more extensive work histories, it’s perfectly OK for a resume to span up to two pages. The resumes created by RS Works often span more than one page, but you can easily trim the content down to one page if you prefer.

How much is it?

RS Works subscriptions are available to career counselors, university career centers, and non-profit workforce development organizations. We offer subscriptions for professionals, teams, and organizations. Reach out to us for your personalized package.

We'll be making the platform available to individual job-seekers in the Spring of 2023. Click here to be notified when we roll it out.


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