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Success Stories

Notes From Happy Clients


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    Brian S.

    "Andrea created a story about my career using key words and outcomes-based bullet points for each of my positions...

    Within two months of receiving my new resume, I had a job offer at a 40% increase over my current salary!"

    - Brian S., Information Technology

    Kayle S.

    "Andrea and her team were worth EVERY penny. The resume they handed me was a work of art and helped me to land interviews at Airbnb and Nike. I was able to secure a position that resulted in a $30,000 at a company I absolutely love working for! I honestly don't know that I'll ever write my own resume again. They got to the heart of my work experience and were able to make me seem like a total bad ass in just one page. I would hire them again in a heartbeat."

    - Kayle S., Data Loss Prevention Analyst

    Pete K.

    ​"I've landed a role with one of the largest sports retailers in the city. I'm already a month in and I'm working to replace their entire IT infrastructure. Thank you immensely for all of your help."

    - Pete K., IT Implementation Manager


    Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
    Testimonial 8

    ​"I was completely blown away by Andrea's level of expertise when working on my résumé. She asked questions I have been asked by nurse recruiters everywhere."

    - Jason N., Registered Nurse

    Testimonial 18

    "I was out of work for a year and a half, but within six weeks of her sprucing up my resume I got a job at a really great company! If you are seriously looking for a job ASAP, don't let a year and a half pass... contact Andrea!”

    - Melanie L., Healthcare Recruiter

    Testimonial 11

    "Having someone put a fresh, new spin on my work experience was imperative to me having the confidence to look for a higher paying job AND ask for a raise at my current one."

    - Diana L., Healthcare

    Finance & Legal
    Testimonial 9

    ​"I got the job I wanted all because of Andrea's work on my resume. In fact, after I got the job I found out the resume was circulated to the staff as 'the way it should be done.'"

    - Dawn S., Immigration Attorney

    Testimonial 16

    “Within two weeks of completing my resume, I received an offer for a position that met my objectives… Since then, I have used the resume she helped me create to secure several other positions.”​

    - Laura B., Legal Aid Attorney

    Human Resources & Administration
    Testimonial 12

    ​"Andrea did a great job translating the language of my professional experience and skills in a way that a hiring manager could understand."

    - Ryan M. Planning & Operations Administrator

    Testimonial 14

    "I sent it out to 10 recruiters and every one of them said that the formatting and the content are very impressive! I started getting phone calls inviting me for interviews​."

    - Alexandra K., Project Management

    Testimonial 15

    "I am thrilled about how this resume turned out. Thank you so much for your hard work, my week just got a lot better after reading this new resume. It is so eloquently written that I hardly recognize that I am the person who did all of this. It's better than anything I could have imagined."

    - Felix L, Corporate Communications Specialist

    Social Services & NGO
    Testimonial 19

    "I've been offered a job with one of the largest social service agencies in the city. Thank you very much for your help with my resume. Out of the nine positions that I applied for, I attended interviews for four of them. I know that this is pretty good "batting average" when it comes to a job search, and I know that my resume played a significant role in landing me these interviews."

    - Michael B., Individualized Care Coordinator​

    Testimonial 17

    ​"This is a jaw-dropping cover letter. Most cover letters I have seen do not adequately acknowledge the needs and wants of the employer, let alone explain how those needs and wants can be fulfilled by the applicant. This definitely looks like a deal-breaking cover letter to me."

    - Joshua H., Policy Analyst

    Testimonial 7

    ​"The end result was not only a beautiful resume that received many compliments, but interviews at all thr organizations I applied at. This gave me the confidence to enter interviews knowing I was interviewing them too. I was able to wait for an offer that would respect me and not only utilize but also build on my skills."

    - Sarah C., Non-Profit Director

    Testimonial 6

    "After months of trying out various resume services, I have to say that Andrea's work is above and beyond what I've seen anywhere. I had become frustrated with other services that make you feel like a number in a production line. Look no further, trust me. "

    - John B., Audio Engineer

    Testimonial 13

    ​"Andrea produces resumes which can only emerge from years of experience. She takes an extra-special consideration of exactly what the resume needs to accomplish, and allocates her attention to that, and only that. Andrea produces resumes that fit the immediate needs of her customer. "

    - Christopher O., Avionics Engineer

    Marketing & Media

    Media Banner

    Testimonial 4

    "The positive response from employers was immediate. After months of frustration, I am now getting interviews and contacts from recruiters, and I have an interview on Monday!"

    - Edward L., Broadcast Journalist​

    Testimonial 10

    "I didn't think someone outside of my industry would get the language right or truly understand the ins and outs of my job. I was wrong. I couldn't be happier with the final result!"

    - Tamer K., Director Of Strategy

    Arts/Fashion & Beauty/Travel

    Arts Banner

    Testimonial 5

    "After using her service, I sent out 25 applications and received 20 interview requests almost immediately! Normally one wouldn’t think to pay for a resume revamp, but take it from me, it's one of the best career decisions you'll make. "

    - Natali G., Production Assistant

    More Testimonials


    "Andrea Gerson is the best provider in the field. Nearly a year after using her services, I am still recommending her to everyone I know. I looked at companies in DC, NYC, and CA. Based on YELP reviews, I emailed Andrea, and that was the best thing I could have done. As a professional (I am an attorney), I came to Andrea to do an overhaul because I was going to demand a high salary for my qualifications. The first thing she did was send me a detailed questionnaire. I spent time (and performed a lot of introspection) to answer her questions and I wrote my heart out! She also asked for job postings that interested me.

    Andrea is an artist when it comes to resume writing. The first thing you will notice is the beautiful, eye-catching formatting. Second, she thought to include details about the amount of revenue I brought in as an Associate. Third, she. knew which keywords to use to make my work impressive to interviewers. Due to the deadline of the application, I paid extra for rush service for my resume. She met the deadline with ease. Then I paid extra to have her re-do my cover letter, again with a rush. Long story short, I got the job I wanted all because of her resume. In fact after I got the job I found out the resume was circulated to the staff as "the way it should be done." Pay Andrea! She is priceless!"

    Dawn S., Immigration Attorney

    "Hi Andrea - I just wanted to let you know that I only started sending out my resume two days ago...I have gotten at least five calls and I have an interview schedule for Tuesday! Thanks!!!"

    Yvonne A., Commercial Real Estate

    "As soon as I posted the new resume I started receiving inquiries from very high quality employers. I am currently deciding which offer to accept. Andrea was very responsive, courteous, and caring. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in the hunt for a new job."

    Dave A. , Contract Law Attorney

    "The resume is absolutely beautiful. I'm in awe that the person on paper is actually me. Thank you so much for helping me articulate my experiences on paper. I love it! It has been invaluable and exceeded all expectations. Thank you again. I can't overstate how grateful I am!"

    Holli C., Creative Writing Instructor

    "A-N-D-R-E-A spells amazing. I worked with Andrea to revise my resume. I didn't know how to adequately convey all of my skills and experience. She was able to help me articulate what I do and then clearly and effectively present all that in a new resume. I was surprised by how she was able to capture what it is that I do but make it seem impressive at the same time. I think that its very common for people to over-sell themselves with lies or under-sell themselves because they don't know how to capture what they do on a daily basis. If you fall into either of these categories then you should contact Andrea at Resume Scripter.

    As previous reviewers have stated, she can "transform" your resume and really make you shine. The most amazing part is that she does this accurately and without any embellishment. She's also professional, responsive, patient and a nice person. I'll definitely be utilizing her other services and have recommended her to several friends already."

    Z. M., Media Producer

    "Andrea produces resumes of which can only emerge from years of experience. She takes an extra-special consideration of exactly what the resume needs to accomplish, and allocates her attention to that, and only that. Instead of a massive resume corporation designed to mechanically create one-size-fits all products for their customers, Andrea produces resumes that fit the immediate needs of her customer. Everyone knows that a resume is a critical piece of personal property that can determine the future quality of life that it's owner may enjoy in the future and may fail to achieve their maximum prosperity in the future if their resume lacks the attention of a professional prior to submission. Andrea's customers don't have to worry about that."

    Christopher O., Avionics Technician

    "Andrea, thank you SO much for this; the resume is truly wonderful. Reading over your work was such an uplifting experience, a welcome relief, and juxtaposition to my response to my own draft which so often has left me feeling as if I'm light years behind in my career; as I read over this one, it was like meeting an old friend in a new light. I kept thinking, "wow, could this girl really be me?" and was left feeling more confident, renewed, and excited for the steps ahead. This was exactly what I had hoped to gain from engaging you and I feel so grateful for my decision to do so. I think we can all benefit from a fresh (less partial) set of eyes from time-to-time, from a helpful advocate. I wanted to thank you for that; it is no small thing!"

    Sarah D., Research & Operations Associate

    "There is no way I could have made my resume look so amazing on my own. Andrea is a consummate professional. It truly was the best resume I have ever seen in my life. She is a wordsmith and eloquently communicates the desired position and background extremely effectively. You are in great hands with her."

    Mary M., Social Worker

    "I rarely write reviews but I had to write this one as I feel like It's a life-changing experience. I am changing my careers and I was stuck with my job search. And I realized that the reason why I had been stuck was a poorly written resume. So i started searching for someone to help me and I found Andrea. Thank God I did!

    The newly-done resume was impressive. I sent it out to like 10 recruiters and 15 friends who hold pretty upper class positions in various industries, and EVERY ONE of them said that the formatting and the content are very impressive! I started getting phone calls inviting me for interviews. Overall, I'd definitely recommend Andrea to all my friends as she's very talented in what she does!

    Alexandra K., Real Estate Associate

    "Andrea's resume writing expertise has made me so much more confident in my job search. I like many others was under the assumption that my current resume would suffice in my job search. After receiving the first draft from Andrea, I realized that my old resume never even stood a chance. Andrea was straightforward, honest, and highly insightful. I appreciated the collaborative process that we shared throughout. Her ability to easily interpret information is highly skillful. I never in a million years would've thought to format a resume the way in which she does. The final result is a professional, fluid resume that emphasis all of your strengths and capabilities. I highly recommend Andrea if you are thinking about new employment. Your new resume or cover letter will almost certainly serve as a confidence boost.

    Bottom line - Andrea is highly descriptive in her wording and structure. She is very adamant about making sure that you are happy. In fact, she welcomes any suggestions that you might have. I had such a hard time articulating my achievements and areas of expertise. Andrea however was able to translate that into such a well thought out resume. Talk to Andrea before going anywhere else!"

    Ashli P., Economics

    "Like other reviewers, I too never thought to use a resume writing service. Having someone put a fresh, new spin on my school, and work experience was imperative to me having the confidence to look for a higher paying job AND ask for a raise at my current one. Andrea asked me over 50 questions in an email, which all seemed to cover important topics that I had overlooked. It was clear through her questions that she invested the time to truly understand my life's accomplishments. This was absolutely money well spent. Andrea even emailed me a few links to some prospective jobs that fit my criteria. I would not hesitate to use her again. If you want to have absolute confidence when sending out your resume, email Andrea."

    Diana L., Healthcare

    "As someone who has had one job for a pretty long time, and which I got in the first place because of a relative, I dreaded the upcoming job search as I look to move into my chosen field, which has nothing to do with what I'm doing now. I knew I needed the help of a pro to navigate such a cutthroat process, and I'm so glad I chose Andrea. She put together a resume, great LinkedIn page, and a great cover letter template for me. The process was completely worth it, and her turnaround time is great. It was a back and forth as she prodded me for my relevant and transferable skills to put forth my best self. If you're on the fence about getting help with the only documents your future employers will judge you by, or even if you don't think you need it (hint: you probably do), then Andrea is the one you want handling it."

    Elving J., Accounting

    "Nothing but great things to say! I have been doing my own resumes my entire work life. Always feeling like it could be better, but without the skills to know how to make it more impressive. I feel like I came to the party a little late with having someone else do it for me! So glad that I found Resume Scripter! I now feel like I have a resume that accurately reflects my contributions in the best light possible. Thank you so much, Andrea!"

    Miranda O., Administrative Assistant

    "My resume had great content, so I did not understand why I wasn't getting any interviews. Andrea took the content of my resume, re-formatted it, worded everything better and made my resume ahhhhhhmazing! I agree with everyone writing about the questions that she asks. Her non-typical questions really let me see that I wasn't filling in the answers that potential employers would look for. Andrea really does dig deep to understand what you have done and what you are trying to do. I was out of work for a year and a half, but within a month and a half of her sprucing up my resume I got a job at a really great company! If you are seriously looking for a job ASAP, don't let a year and a half pass for you; contact Andrea!"

    Melanie L., Healthcare Recruiter

    "This is a jaw-dropping cover letter. I am not really sure that there is much of anything that could be improved...Most cover letters I have seen do not adequately acknowledge the needs and wants of the employer, let alone explain how those needs and wants can be fulfilled by the applicant. They're more like some self-aggrandizing rant. This definitely looks like a deal-making cover letter. Thank you!"

    Josh H., Client Relations

    "Andrea worked with me to compose cover letters and resumes and found potential organizations where I could apply for jobs. She was always friendly and responsive to my needs. And most of all, sympathetic, but hopeful. I am currently working as a tutor, which was suggested to me by Andrea. Her work was top notch."

    Dale S., Archival Records Management

    "After spending almost two months applying to dozens of jobs with no responses, a friend suggested I contact Andrea for help. She helped me to reformat my resumes and write cover letters that were specifically tailored to the jobs I was looking at. I received callbacks for 5 of the 7 jobs I applied to, and I'm now working as a Program Coordinator for a nationally-recognized non-profit organization. I can't recommend Andrea's services enough!"

    Lisa H., Administrative Assistant

    "Andrea Gerson is a lifesaver. I find writing a resume to be the hardest part of job hunting. I have no idea why I hadn't thought of paying for this kind of service before, and now I could never go back to writing my own resume. It's not just organizing the content, it's the tedious work of formatting in a way that you know future employers will judge you by. It made me nervous to think that if my margins were off on my resume, it could be a potential reason to not get the job I want. ANYWAYS…with all that being said, I hired Andrea and she was great. She gave me a great list to answer some personal questions about my past experiences and qualifications and she whipped up drafts of my resumes as fast as I got the questionnaires back to her. The questions she asked were some things I would have never thought of to mention to a future employer, I was already impressed from the get-go. It was a multi-step process though, she doesn't just make one draft she sends you several for review, and each time I would ask her to tweak this, or correct that, and she would, until we came to the perfect resume outcome. Andrea is available: she responds in such a timely manner, she is professional, and she is skilled and knowledgeable about the work force industry. I also had her write a few of my cover letters which were excellent as well and easy to reword for each prospective job. She was also kind enough to send me a few links to prospective employers that fit my qualifications of what I was looking for. If you absolutely loathe writing resumes, but you need to get that new job asap, DO NOT HESITATE! She will make the whole process, so much better for you.

    “Oh, and by the way, I got the first job I applied and interviewed for. : ) And, I love my new job."

    Lilly K., Events Coordination

    "Choosing Andrea to help write my resume was the best thing I could have done. I am blown away by the end product. I highly recommend Andrea for a professional and quality experience. The resume came out outstanding and I am thrilled with the end product. Thanks a million!"

    Shawn L., Sales Management

    "I am currently working as a Registered Nurse in a NYC hospital and have been looking to update my résumé in order to begin my search for a job in a hospital closer to home. I had no idea where to begin. So, I contacted Andrea and I was completely blown away by her level of expertise. When working on my résumé, she asked questions I have been asked by nurse recruiters everywhere. It's as if Andrea just gets it. She totally understands what employers are looking for and helps you show them why they need to hire you. For anyone having any doubts about using Andrea's services: leave those doubts behind you. Andrea is by far the most qualified person for the job. You will not regret working with her."

    Jason N., Registered Nurse

    "After eight years of working in the same profession, I decided it was time for a career change. A friend recommended that I contact Andrea who quickly helped me to build a strong resume and cover letter. Her process was simple but effective. After reviewing my existing resume, she asked me a series of questions to find out more about my experiences and career objectives. A week later, she emailed me a resume draft which highlighted my key qualifications, transferable skills, and relevant accomplishments. Throughout the writing process, she stayed in touch with me, and in no time I was ready to begin my job search with a beautifully written and formatted resume and cover letter. She even followed up later to see how my job search was coming along! Andrea's efficiency, clarity, and overall friendliness made what could have been a stressful process much easier. Highly recommended!"

    Daniel A.

    "Andrea was great to work with, she asked me for lots of detailed information about my career and education. Then used that info to craft a resume that painted a vivid picture of my qualifications. The positive response from employers was immediate. After months of frustration, I am now getting interviews and contacts from recruiters, and I have an interview on Monday!”

    Edward L., Broadcast Journalist

    "I was seeking a job with an investment banking firm. Making my resume standout was very critical in getting interview slots, especially since all the candidates were competitive. I am glad I sought Andrea’s services, as she created a resume that was much more organized, concise and targeted to the position I was seeking. I was particularly amazed by her follow-up over the phone. Utilizing her knowledge and experience as a job counselor, she gave me great advice on how to connect personally to interviewers by building off of the information on my resume. Thanks to Andrea, I received offers from two investment banks."

    Maya F., Investment Analyst

    "I'm a student who has worked as a bartender for a long time while attending Columbia University. The field I work in now doesn't have a lot to do, directly, with the career I want to pursue in the future, so I was concerned about having a resume that would be good enough to not only find me a job eventually, but also help me to get an internship or research assistant position in my new field, which is highly competitive.

    The result I got was more than I could've ever asked for. It was totally comprehensive with a ton of attention to detail, along with better descriptions, wording, and formatting than I could've ever come up with myself. Not to mention the fact she was excellent at describing my past experience and simply making it sound better, as well as more applicable, to the position I'm applying for. She was also super quick in writing my resume as well as when corresponding via email to tweak it. I now have the research position I was looking for as well as an excellent resume for when I'm ready to pursue other positions in the future.

    Sometimes you need an objective perspective in order write something like a resume well, and hers is awesome!"

    Reina T., Neuropsychology Research Assistant

    "It had been nearly a decade since I had last sought employment and the game had changed. My previous resume had exemplified twenty years worth of Sales Experience in the Fashion Industry. Andrea updated my resume and was able to highlight my experience while underlining my strengths in order to broaden my chances in different markets. Andrea created a cover letter and showed me how to tweak it depending on the job description. In addition she showed me how to navigate websites and uploaded my resume. Andrea’s guidance and counseling gave me the tools and confidence I needed to acquire a job."

    Alice H., Fashion Sales & Manufacturing


    "I’ve been so busy and it happened so fast that I didn’t get the chance to tell you I GOT A FREAKING JOB!! I was contacted by a recruiter for a temp agency who found my resume online, she initially sent me for an interview at a boring insurance society, but after we met, she recommend me for an urgent assignment at Billboard/The Hollywood Reporter/Dick Clark Media/Ten other things, I interviewed there last Thursday and found out THE SAME DAY that they wanted me!! It’s temp to permanent, really good hourly wage. I started yesterday, and it’s very fast paced and busy but SO GREAT!

    Zach A., Theatre Arts Administration

    "I had spent the last six years auditioning, acting and working in restaurants. I decided I wanted a career change but didn't know where to start. Andrea showed me how my experience could lend itself to a different career. She created a beautiful resume showcasing my strengths and skills that helped me transition to the job that I have now. In addition, she created a cover letter and tutored me for the interview process. Andrea's mentoring and encouragement were just what I needed to push me forward and help me obtain the job and the lifestyle that I wanted!"

    Marianna A., Executive Assistant to Hedge Fund Manager

    "I cannot explain how grateful I am to have found Andrea's services. Her approach to career counseling is hands on and expert. Having her revamp my resume was the smartest decision I've ever made. I am so proud to show it off and to send to anyone that I network with. After using her service, I immediately sent out 25 applications and received 20 interview requests almost immediately! Normally one wouldn't think to pay for a resume revamp, but take it from me, it is one of the best career decisions you will make. I am so grateful to Andrea for her help and the boost in confidence that my resume has given me. She is also extremely communicative and answered any and all questions I had during the process. I look forward to continuing to consult her whenever my resume needs updating. Thank you Andrea!"

    Natali G., Media Coordination



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