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If you’re like most workforce programs, you find it hard to make time for staff training.

In truth, most job counselors haven’t received any training on resume writing or job search strategies. As a result, their clients often end up continuing in the cycle of low-paying jobs.

This is where Resume Scripter comes in.

We’ve spent 15 years teaching workforce counselors how to get their clients hired faster. And we’ve helped thousands of job-seekers get hired in jobs that pay up to 40% more.

Our trainings are fun, interactive, and in line with current hiring trends. We’ll teach your counselors and clients the secrets of landing the best jobs, fast!

On Demand Learning

On Demand Learning

Workforce Training Program

Learn 100+ strategies to craft effective resumes for clients with barriers to employment. This course features 25+ interactive & engaging modules on career counseling and resume writing strategies. 

Training Program for Job-Seekers

Learn the ins and outs of an effective job search! Prepare yourself for a competitive role, find reputable up-skilling opportunities, and learn the best ways to market your accomplishments (without the cringe).

RS - On Demand Learning - Individual Training

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