Career Aptitude Assessments

Free resources to help identify your most marketable skills and strengths! 


​Feeling a little lost or directionless? Career aptitude assessments are a great way to clarify what your unique talents are.
Below are some great, free tools.

Holland Code Test

Holland Code Test

​This is a great quiz to assess your client’s vocational interests and skills. ​Useful for people with intermediate or fluent English skills.​
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Photo Career Quiz

Photo Career Quiz

A quick and easy career test for clients who prefer to process information visually. Great for those with limited English proficiency.

To convert your results to the Holland Code framework:

Building = Realistic (R) | Thinking = Investigative (I) | Creating = Artistic (A)

Helping = Social (S) | Persuading = Entrepreneurial (E) | Organizing = Conventional (C)

Career Values Assessment

Career Values Quiz

We all have unique values that inform which elements we would need in a fulfilling career. This free, simple quiz can help you identify your core work-related values. There are 29 questions, and it will rank 12 common work-related values based on your answers.

Meyers Briggs

Myers Briggs-Style Assessment

Informative test to learn about your client’s temperament and personality. Useful for clients who have conversational English skills.

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