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Career Aptitude Assessments

Free resources to help identify your most marketable skills and strengths! 


​Feeling a little lost or directionless? Career aptitude assessments are a great way to clarify what your unique talents are. Below are some great, free tools.

Holland Code Test

Holland Code Test

​This is a great quiz to assess your client’s vocational interests and skills. ​Useful for people with intermediate or fluent English skills.​
Once you receive the 3-letter code, click Get Results below get a list of recommended careers.
R = Realistic
I = Investigative
A = Artistic
S = Social
E = Entrepreneurial
C = Conventional
Photo Career Quiz

Photo Career Quiz

A quick career quiz that uses a similar framework to the Holland Code. Great for those with limited attention spans or English proficiency.

To convert results to the Holland Code framework, find their three highest scores:

Building = R (Realistic)
Thinking = I (Investigative)
Creating = A (Artistic)
Helping = S (Social)
Persuasive = E (Entrepreneurial)
Organizing = C (Conventional)
Meyers Briggs

Myers Briggs-Style Quiz

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a self-reported personality assessment that assesses four elements:

Introversion / Extroversion (IE): Where your energy comes from

Thinking / Feeling (TF): The process you prefer to use in making decisions

Sensing / Intuiting (SN): What information you prefer to gather and trust

Judging / Perception (JP): Mental processes or mental activity

Once you receive your 4-letter code, click Get Results below for some recommended careers.



DISC Assessment

The DiSC assessment is a personality test that measures specific traits. It can help people improve their communication, teamwork, productivity, and working relationships

The DiSC model is based on an acronym for four main personality styles:

Dominance (D)

Influence (i)

Steadiness (S)

Conscientiousness (C)


Career Values Assessment

Career Values Quiz

We all have unique values. This free, simple quiz can help you identify your core work-related values. There are 29 questions, and it will rank 12 common values based on your answers.

You can then translate your results to do further career exploration in Onet Online.

Achievement =  Challenge, Risk, Power
Independence = Freedom, Creativity
Recognition = Knowledge, Status
Relationships = Meaning, Collaboration
Working Conditions = Reward, Security
Support = Problems

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