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Career Services Teams

We help non-profit workforce agencies, university career centers, and professional career counselors to create tailored professional resumes & cover letters for the job-seekers that they support.

You're Changing Careers...and Lives

It started with the goal of helping people caught in a cycle of underemployment. Leveraging 15+ years of workforce development experience, we created fully personalizable, industry-targeted resume templates for our partners. Our aim was to help applicants who’ve historically faced barriers to landing higher-paying jobs: be it less access or experience. We knew that sharing these resources with the right partners would change careers—and lives.

Since then, we've been expanding our resume tool to feature targeted resume content across hundreds of industries. We offer complementing cover letters, aptitude assessments, workforce trainings and online courses. 

RS Works Platform

Our automated resume tool helps career coaches create 100% personalized resumes in as little as 15 minutes.

On-Demand Learning

Our digital workforce training features interactive activities and resources for counselors helping job-seekers get hired.

Workshops & Training

Equip your team with the current skills they need to serve job-seekers with unique challenges and barriers to employment.


The RS Works Platform is a dynamic online portal originally developed for job seekers stuck in historically low-wage roles. Our online portal, complete with resources like industry-specific content, and keyword-optimized resumes does two things: It helps job counselors serve clients more quickly and effectively. It helps job seekers land higher-paying jobs faster. The proof is in the data: Members of our pilot program report spending less than 50% of the time on formatting to create impactful and effective job search materials, and candidates report that these materials are positioning them for better, more secure jobs.



Experience the RS Works difference with 7 days of free resume customization!

Workforce Teams

End the Underemployment Cycle

The organizations we've partnered with report two key benefits. First, career counselors spend a fraction of the time formatting and drafting materials, freeing them up to do what they do best: counsel and support more clients.

Second, our modern, attractive resumes position job seekers to qualify for higher-paying roles, and escape the cycle of underemployment.

Non-profit workforce development organizations were our first partners, and our platform was created with your clients in mind.

University Career Centers

Launching Careers with Personalized Resumes

Students and alumni come to you because they need help landing their next-and often, their first--job. Let us streamline your resume and cover letter creation with a proven tool that'll help your students land more interviews in their target industries. Not to mention, if your career services center is new or overstretched, your counselors can save time by leveraging our resources for their own professional development.

One of the most common questions young job seekers ask is: How am I supposed to apply for an entry-level role when they all require prior experience? As we all know, one of the key factors in companies “giving someone a shot” is the resume and cover letter that they submit.

Our templates are ATS-friendly, modern, and easy to personalize. They’re designed to help someone with entry-level experience get their foot in the door, with a higher salary to begin with—which will benefit them for the rest of their career.

Career Counselors

Clients come to you for career guidance.

As a career counselor, your mission is to help your clients to move into a new role quickly. But when your clients lack strong resumes and cover letters - or simply don't know how to market their skills, you end up wasting valuable time and resources reworking their materials. Let the RS Works suite of tools do the work for you so that you can focus on what you do best: supporting your clients with career exploration and identifying roles that fit their strengths and skillsets.

Imagine providing your clients with resumes that make them more competitive for the opportunities that they get excited about!

Before & After Resume Examples

See how we've transformed resumes for our clients with the before and after examples below!

Workforce Counselor Trainings


Our trainings are fun, interactive and in line with current hiring trends. We’ll teach your counselors and clients the secrets of landing the best jobs, fast!

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