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Career Coaching

Are you feeling uninspired, paralyzed or underpaid in your current role?

Career Coach: Andrea Gerson, MSW

As a trained psychotherapist and career counselor, Andrea Gerson has spent nearly 15 years helping clients with complex challenges to obtain and retain fulfilling roles that leverage their strengths.

The career coaching packages below are designed to give you the support that you need while providing you with a framework that promotes accountability. Andrea will encourage you to address career-related challenges to help you grow and expand your professional opportunities.

Andrea uses proactive, strengths-based and behavioral methods while keeping an ear open for underlying patterns of self-defeating behaviors. She will work with you to get unstuck and take the next steps towards a career that you will be proud of.



Includes three, hour-long career
coaching sessions.


Session 1:

We'll review your past experience and accomplishments to build a foundation for our work.

Session 2:

We'll create an action plan with strategies to address and overcome your challenges.

Session 3:

We'll put these methods into practice, developing a long-term framework to support your success.

Includes five, hour-long
individual career coaching sessions.


Everything In the Boost Package + Two Additional Sessions


Session 4:

We'll evaluate your online persona the digital tools that you're using, working to put your best self forward.

Session 5:

We'll discuss networking strategies that would be a good fit given your field, interests and temperament.

Includes eight, hour-long
individual career coaching sessions


Everything In the Strategist Package + Three Additional Sessions


Session 6:

We'll address issues like salary negotiations, self-advocacy, workplace conflict and the imposter syndrome.

Session 7:

We'll talk about the best methods to follow up with those in your network and hiring managers following an interview.

Session 8:

We'll cover interview preparation strategies based on the specific roles that you're targeting.

A La Carte Options

Need coaching in just one area?

Career Coaching Session

These hour-long sessions are a great way to target pressing career issues. We will explore key questions such as:

  • Identifying the right professional field based on your strengths.
  • Whether you're using the right job search strategies.
  • How to hold yourself accountable on the path toward career growth.
Interview Coaching Session

This 75-minute sessions allows us adequate time to discuss your background and transferable accomplishments while developing strong, structured responses for common and challenging interview questions.

After the session, you'll be provided with a 4-5 page written transcript of the responses that we've developed, tying your accomplishments directly to the role that you're interviewing for. This summary report will feature clear, detailed instructions on how to tailor and adapt your responses for different types of interview questions.

This service includes a written transcript of our call, with solid interview responses prepared so that you can practice for interviews in advance. It also includes a complimentary copy of our interview prep workbook.

Mock Interview Session

In this 45-minute Zoom call, we will practice the responses that we developed during the interview preparation session. Andrea will provide you with concrete, actionable feedback for you to showcase what you've accomplished and impress employers and hiring managers.

This service is only offered to clients who have completed an Interview Coaching Session.

Not sure what to select? Reach out with any questions!